Help turn Torridge GREEN!

Join the Torridge Green Party!

We were officially formed in June 2015 after the general election. Previously we were part of the North Devon and Torridge Green Party, but due to the high numbers of new members, it was decided that we should form 2 separate local parties each with a single constituency.

We have a Facebook page - where we share what's going in both locally, nationally and globally - please like and share that.

If you would like someone to contact you, please email either Ruth Funnell who is our local party contact in Torrington, Gill Douglas-Mann our membership secretary or Colin Jones who looks after the website and social media.

As a member we encourage you to come to our local meetings and help us plan how best to improve our society with a Green agenda.

Next major election to contend is County Council elections in 2017.

Before that we have plans to fight TTIP, the creeping privatisation of the NHS and the loss of community hospital beds, badger culling, fracking - there are many ways everyone can help so do get in touch.

2015 Election Campaign Launch

Here are just some of our local candidates and supporters at the launch event for the 2015 election campaign.

If you would like to join us you would be most welcome!

North Devon and Torridge election campaign launch 2015

Ricky Knight and Cathrine Simmons cutting Jane's wonderful Green Party cake:

Cutting the Green cake!

Planning in Torridge for the General Election:

Planning in Torridge for the General Election

Celebrating Cathrine Simmons winning her District Council seat:

Cathrine Simmons wins her District Council seat

Campaigning in Torrington for a public NHS:

Campaigning in Torrington for a public NHS

The Green 'Battle Bikes' bringing the Green message to the people!

The battle bikes

Greens campaign for a People's Vote


Protect our NHS

Save the NHS

Fair Economy