December 2019

The result of the election for Torridge and West Devon was not a surprise.   However you will be pleased to know that Chris's vote was up from 1,622 in 2017 to 2077 on Thursday: 3.5% of the vote so not enought to keep our deposit but respectable.  There was a large drop in the vote for the Labour candidate which seemed to transfer to Cox.  The Lib Dems polled almost the same as last time.    The turnout up was slightly up to 74.8% which was above the national average..

Chris was the last of the candidates to speak after the result was announced (at 7.00 am on Friday) and used the opportunity of having the press present to say that the most important issue we all face is climate change.   Did Cox look slightly bewildered by that?   

Thank you to everyone who came out to help on the two Saturdays we campaigned and to everyone who put up a poster for us.    The next election is, thankfully, in May 2021 when the County Council seats are contested.

I won't comment on the result beyond saying that an initial examination suggests that the problem in the so called red wall was Labour voters simply staying home rather than actually voting Conservative.   Life is going to be difficult for the next five years.  We can partly deal with that by supporting Extinction Rebellion, trying to win local elections and doing what we can to help, for example, the homeless and those using food banks because this Government certainly won't.

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