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16 October 2017

Torridge are looking for people willing to stand for the district council.

This is not so onerous a post as some think - there are many interesting opportunities to be had.

Councillor Cathrine Simmons has written this piece to describe what the role is about:

A District Councillor’s role
There are 2 primary purposes of being a councillor firstly representing your constituents and community and secondly fulfilling the legal requirements of a district council. The more active you are the busier you are which is pretty obvious. If you wish to avoid a high workload avoid being on too many committees. I am on the 2 Scrutiny committees at district level both of which meet once every 6 weeks. You must attend the full council meeting which is also 6 weekly. If you are not on any committees you do not really get to know what is happening and I think that could be dull. I like to influence thinking and bring new ideas to the committee if possible. I am the lead for Housing which is my area of knowledge so that leads to a bit more work. I also like to receive any training on offer because I like to increase my knowledge but this is optional unless you wish to be on the Standards, Licensing or the Planning committees. Planning is the most burdensome committee as it meets more frequently. If you are active in your local community already you are an ideal candidate because you understand the local issues. I enjoy the role so my advice is ‘to give it a go’.

Whilst councillors receive no pay, there are allowances. A basic allowance is £4614 for 2017/7 and some councillors with special responsibilities can more than double that.

More information on Torridge’s councillors can be seen at

Anyone interested in standing for district council please get in touch with us – we will help you all the way.


District Council responsibilities.

The Disctrict council takes care of the following services

  • Planning
  • Refuse and recycling
  • Council tax and benefits
  • Housing
  • Noise and pollution
  • Parking
  • Leisure
  • Community development
  • Food and safety
  • Licensing
  • Elections

More info:

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