Re-development of the Old Creamery Site

15 November 2017

The Green Party are proposing that Torridge District Council use existing funds to compulsorily purchase, clear and restore the site.  Cathrine Simmons has already been pursuing this on your behalf on the District Council.  She has been a Green councillor for Torrington since 2013.


TDC should then consult with the local community about the exact mix of new uses, including social housing for rent, in line with local plan provisions.


TDC can afford this.  It will be a long term investment, providing income to the Council with the New Homes Bonus from the Government, Council Tax once the houses are occupied and business rates if some small business units for fledgling businesses are included.


It is understood that the site could be valued as worthless due to the high cost of remedial contamination work.


Torrington is in great need of affordable housing as none has been built for some years.  This project could provide those homes.  Part of the site is in the flood zone and is therefore not suitable for development but could provide leisure and tourist facilities such as canoeing and fishing.


The first step would be a feasibility study.  With sustained commitment, this eyesore can at last be removed and the site used for homes, businesses and leisure facilities for the town.


If you elect Sue Clarke she can join Cathrine Simmons and Peter Christie on the Torridge District Council to press for this action.


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