Fuel Poverty in Torridge

22 January 2018

The Private Sector Housing section is working hard on fuel poverty.  Torridge DC has 7,000 homes and households which need help.  They have signed up to a number of organisations to help them with this with little cost to the authority. C6 and Happy Energy are contacting households on their behalf.  There is a maximum household income eligibility of £30,000 and each property receives a maximum of £5,000 of improvements such as insulation and draft excluding.  The funding comes from the Energy Companies Obligation.  TDC is focusing on the correct properties so far 13 have been signed up.  Clovelly is one area where there is a lot of work to do as a large number of the properties have damp problems.

Warm Home Fund is another scheme they have signed up to, which helps properties that do not have central heating.  This funding comes from the National Grid.  Heating is usually gas, oil or heat pumps. It is targeted at the most deprived households.

Devon Together has an oil bulk buying scheme which helps save costs but there is a subscription.  TDC are trying to negotiate an end to this to help those in fuel poverty

Wessex – a not for profit company – is working with C6 and Happy Energy to provide loans to landlord to improve the fuel efficiency of their properties.  The loan is low interest and has to be paid back.  There is sufficient funding to provide 57 loans. 

All this is good news but we need to get the message out to local organisations such as CAB and TTVS so that our most deprived households get help.

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