New Members on the Rise

24 August 2018

This summer has seen the most extreme heatwave in the UK for decades and more and more people seem to be waking up to the realities of climate change.

When there are wildfires in the Arctic Circle, scientists warning of an irreversible heating pattern and meanwhile the government has given the green light to fracking, more and more people are seeing clearly that the Greens are the only party speaking about the defining issue of our time.

Another issue which has driven people to joining the Green Party this month is our stance on indefinite detention. Caroline Lucas challenged the Home Secretary to end the inhumane practice which no other country employs.

By taking a stance on this, Caroline has shown that the Greens are a compassionate party, standing up for social justice at every turn and the response from the public in joining the party has clearly shown the appetite for our way of doing politics.

Membership is more important to the success of the Green Party than any other major UK party. Our elections are run by committed members volunteering their time, our grassroots campaigns are run by members and membership dues keep our offices running.

We have an opportunity to make a significant electoral impact right now. With campaigns for the 2019 local elections already under way in some parts of the country and with the looming possibility of another General Election, the Green Party needs more members now!

Please speak to your friends and family and ask them to become members today – together we can do politics differently and speak up for environmental and social justice.

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