Growing inequality

29 March 2018

An interesting view from Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley

Sad news

21 March 2018

You may have heard the sad news by now of the passing of our friend and great campaigner Phillip Wearne.

An update on Westward Ho!

26 February 2018

Councillor Peter Christie provides insight and historical photos of the pebble ridge.

Fuel Poverty in Torridge

22 January 2018

Torridge DC has 7,000 homes and households which need help.

Re-development of the Old Creamery Site

15 November 2017

This has been an eyesore for a quarter of a century - plenty of time for private developers to have done something if they were willing and able to invest in the site.

Be a Councillor!

16 October 2017

Come forward if you are willing to be a District Councillor. Read this to see what's involved.

Save Our Hospital Services Benefit Gig

25 September 2017

Friday October 6th at Tapeley Park 7pm Free Admission!

10:10 climate action

Fracking, nuclear and wind: which would you rather have in your backyard?

19 September 2017

If you answered wind, then ding ding ding: the majority of the UK public agree with you! 65% in fact.

Organic food

Cheap food may be costing us the earth

04 September 2017

Every apple, pear or lemon we buy comes with a backstory, a cost that isn’t factored into the price at the checkout. A new report, welcomed by HRH Prince Charles, scrutinises food supply chains, uncovering the true cost of our everyday shopping habits. The results are surprising: organic food is less expensive than you may think, while regular products are far too cheap.

General Election results

10 June 2017

The results from the June 8th General and Bi Elections

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