Torridge Transition Leap

11 September 2018

An emerging platform and community of bottom up, inside out, participatory non-party political, activism, empowerment and transformation

Greens launch vision for future off back of leadership elections

07 September 2018

Party’s plan for “radical system overhaul” focuses on People’s Vote on Brexit, action on climate change and overhaul of world of work

New Members on the Rise

24 August 2018

More people joined the Green Party in July than any single month since the 2017 General Election

John Sanders for Hartland-Bradworthy By-Election

08 July 2018

John Sanders is standing for District Council in Hartland-Bradworthy on July 6th 2018

Alternatives to conventional plastic

10 June 2018

An entrepreneur from Bali, disgusted at the rubbish littering the famous holiday island Bali, is trying to tackle the problem with alternatives to conventional plastic.

Growing inequality

29 March 2018

An interesting view from Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley

Sad news

21 March 2018

You may have heard the sad news by now of the passing of our friend and great campaigner Phillip Wearne.

An update on Westward Ho!

26 February 2018

Councillor Peter Christie provides insight and historical photos of the pebble ridge.

Fuel Poverty in Torridge

22 January 2018

Torridge DC has 7,000 homes and households which need help.

Re-development of the Old Creamery Site

15 November 2017

This has been an eyesore for a quarter of a century - plenty of time for private developers to have done something if they were willing and able to invest in the site.

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